A Brand New Welcomes To Adore!

Working on our own website has been such an endeavor, and it’s caused me to look back on this little business of ours. When I started making wreaths as a hobby and then side hustle, I never figured I’d be here, almost a decade later making wreaths and other floral goodies on a daily (and I do mean DAILY basis). I also never thought that I’d have a website with my own shop. I mean, I might have dreamt about it; I might have attempted to maintain a website and blog years ago, but it never looked like this and it never felt this amazing.

I started this to make a little extra money while having a creative outlet while raising my oldest two boys. Over the years we added two more kiddos to the family, all while still creating, still designing for your front doors and homes. It’s pretty amazing to think about all that has come with and because of this shop.

It’s been quite an adventure. 

It’s also been great to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished (over a thousand wreaths and then some) and been recognized for by others. As any crafter or maker will tell you, being recognized by a larger company or maker is a huge confidence boost. And we have received those kudos a few times from one of the biggest craft companies: Michael’s! They’ve featured us on their Instagram, Facebook, and email blast! I’m always so shocked, excited, and nauseous when we get a shout out. This is the stuff of dreams and yet it’s actually real life!

None of this would be possible if it weren’t for all of you supporting us, recommending us, and purchasing from our shop. We grow and expand (in our business and our creativity) because of you all, and that is something I am aware of each and every day. While we may have looked back on these last eight years (give or take) in creating this virtual home for our creations, and the transformation of our family and this shop, we’re really excited to look forward, to dream and plan where we’re headed.

Thanks for being here as we make it happen.

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